The Village of Northfield, in partnership with the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways, is conducting a study for potential future improvements to the Happ Road corridor.

This study is the first step in a three phase process for public roadway improvements.

Phase I Engineering and Environmental Study – current study
• Review existing conditions and identify deficiencies
• Hear input by public and other stakeholders
• Recommend a preferred improvement plan
• Time frame: 12-18 months

Phase II Detailed Contract Plans – potential future phase, dependent on funding
• Prepare detailed contract plans for roadway improvements
• Address property easements required to build the project, if necessary.
• Typical time frame: 18-24 months

Phase III Roadway Construction – potential future phase, dependent on funding
• Conduct roadway construction activities
• Typical time frame: one construction season

A typical timeframe to complete all three phases is approximately 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 years. Potential future roadway construction would be contingent upon agency approvals and the availability and allocation of project funding.

The purpose of the current Phase I study is to evaluate the roadway, hear your input and set guidelines for the future of Happ Road. Therefore, your input at this early stage is valuable to us!

Additional Ways to Participate

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  • Click here to share an idea and contribute your feedback.
  • For more information, contact Steve Lynch via email or at  312-201-7951 .

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